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            Welcome to the official website of Kunshan Hengrun Textiles Co., Ltd.!

            Service Hotline:+86-512-55176616 86176722 86176228

            Hengrun Textiles . Product Center

            Product processing category

            Why many customers choose us?

            We have been cultivating the industry for more than ten years, witnessing the strength of the brand

            • the same manufacturer

              we are earlier and more focused

              rich experience in production customization, understand your needs, more understand your requirements

            • the same cost

              our quality is better

              the straight-line production of manufacturer, no middleman makes the difference, first-hand supply, high-end quality assurance

            • The same quantity

              we ship faster

              our company now has 5 automatic double-sided production lines with an annual production capacity of 8 million square meters, and 3 horizontal secondary impregnated paper production lines with an annual production capacity of 10 million square meters.

            • In the same industry of fabrics

              we know better your needs

              experience of ten years of factory direct-sales service , we know what you care about??what do you need??worry about ??Choose Hengrun Textiles to say goodbye to worry

            • The same kind of materials

              Our products are more Environment-friendly

              exquisite fabrics, pure colors, dyeing strictly in accordance with national standards, coating, formaldehyde and PH value meet the requirements of national standards

            • the same design

              we have more specifications, richer colors

              rich?colors, can be customized according to customer requirements.?Our company is at the leading technical level among domestic counterparts, and our products enjoy a high reputation and are well received by users.

            About us


            Located in Kunshan city of Jiangsu Province, Kunshan Hengrun Textiles Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in the development, production and sales of chemical fiber fabrics enterprise; now, we are a specialized enterprise of various functional fabrics.

            Equipped with advanced production and processing equipment and technologies of weaving, dyeing, printing, coating, compounding, PU wicking transfer lamination, PU moisture permeable film, we now are a specialized manufacturer of various functional outdoor sports, safety protection, fashion and casual fabrics. At present, our main products are all kinds of tatting chemical fiber fabrics, blended fabrics, interwoven fabrics, knitted jacquard fabrics, fleece fabrics, etc., TPU hot melt lamination fabrics, Waterproof wicking coating fabrics, far infrared composite fabrics, moisture absorption wicking fabrics, EN20471 Fluorescent protective fabrics and Flame retardant fabrics; all of them are manufactured in higher and stricter quality standards of similar products. As an Oeko-Tex Standard 100 approved company, our products have successfully obtained a number of certifications of functional products, including: EN20471, EN343, EN ISO14116, EN ISO11612, EN1149, EN61482, EN13034, RIS3279, NFPA2112, ANSI / 107 etc.

            Scope of application: winter clothing, windbreaker, jacket, Ski suit, motorcycle clothing, Down jacket, casual sportswear, raincoat, Children's clothing, umbrella, sleeping bag, tent, military camouflage, luggage, protective clothing, welder clothing, coal mine workwear and various military or police uniforms and so on.

            Sophisticated production equipment, scientific production technology and strict quality management system are the basis for us to continuously improve the satisfactions of customers. "Honest business, customer service, green and environment-friendly, sincere improvement and continuous innovation" is the business philosophy of our company. Our products now have won the praises of our customers, and we will work harder to promote them. 

            We offer customized production or contract production according to customers' products. We sincerely welcome your visit and procurement.

            Along the way to abide by the quality of ingenuity

            We look forward to working with you to perform wonderful business!

            • BRAND STRENGTH

              Years of hard work and strong strength

              Product series: Outdoor series, working clothes series
              A supplier of powerful enterprises in various industries for years
            • Technical advantage

              Quality as soul, leader in industry, customers first

              Specializing in the development, production and sales of chemical fiber fabrics
              our high Waterproof, breathable and wicking fabric, Flame retardant fabric, Anti-static fabrics, EN471 Fluorescent fabric, Anti-UV fabrics and other products meet or exceed the quality standards of similar products
            • Product strength

              Strong capacity, Fast delivery

              sound quality assurance system, strong technical force, complete processing equipment, complete detection means, complete production technology management system
              An integration of production from the material to the processing, shortening the production cycle
            • Worry-free after-sale

              Improving internal quality, building good company image, getting sustainable development

              experienced service team, establish a nationwide marketing network, get development with customers' development.
              Our company has an excellent sales team and a capable technical service team. With the tenet of "meeting the requirements of customers and related parties", our company has strong market assurance capabilities.

            The cooperation unity development exchange altogether wins


            Focuses on Hengrun and pays attention to new trends in the industry

            CONTACT US

            People-oriented,Refined construction
            Sustainable development by constant business,
            Booming development by honest business

            • Add: 4th Floor, West, PhD Building, No. 89 Baoyi Road, Kunshan City, Suzhou City, China
            • Tel: +86-512-55176616 86176722 86176228
            • Fax: +86-512-55175116
            • Email: jom7988@126.com
            • URL: http://m.jm-csm.com
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